Multi-Directional Sleep Number Bed Designed For Good Night Sleep

By Abraham Varghese

On the marketplace today there are a number of differing types of sleep number beds. For example there are both horizontal or multi-directional sleep systems, each possessing its own exceptional qualities and benefits. But, when it comes to the thorough support of your body for right spine alignment, multi-directional design is the best. There is no doubt that they can provide lavish sleep with multi-directional sleep number beds.

Depending on the size of the bed there will be 4 to five air cylinders present on each side of the multi-directional Box Baffle sleep system bed. This will ensure maximum comfort while using your bed because multi-directional Box Baffle acts as “square pillow face”. Every air cylinder works independently conforming to your body contour. This will help the mattress conforms to your body instead of you having to adjust to the mattress.

Furthermore, the patented air valves in the multi-directional box baffle sleep number bed system accurate the air pressure within it’s cylinders without any human endeavor. This is not presented in most of our competitor’s products, even though how useful this is for sleepers. These sleep number beds are so comfortable and reliable that they are even used in various nursing homes and hospitals to both prevent and treat bed sores in patients.

The multi-directional box baffle sleep number bed have many advantage over the horizontal system. This horizontal system features nine horizontal air cylinders that work to create a far more dynamic surface. But horizontal system allocate only horizontal airflow and when releasing air to create a softer feel can actually cause a cupping effect leading to improper support. The horizontal system specifically targets the areas of your neck, back and spine while sleeping to present an enhanced amount of comfort. It has been said that it provides anatomically incorrect support.

Alongside with the multi-directional box baffle system, the horizontal system also can be used in several locations like hospitals, personal homes, and for people with severe medical conditions. It gives the needed comfort people who have neck problems, spinal disorders, and problems sleeping. You can use this system to get the sleep you body requests and you want.

When it comes to selecting the right bed, it can be difficult to choose between the many options. Not only do you have to choose according to your size and form, but you also have to take into consideration the steep prices. What you need to realize is the bed you opt to go with can have a dramatic effect on your everyday life. This is precisely why you want to settle with a sleep number bed. The only thing left to decide is whether you want a Multi-directional system or a horizontal system bed.

There is a way out and a new bed may be something you have not tried yet. You can discover much more about having a good nights rest. A good sleep numbered bed with multi directional system can help out you regain your sleep.

About the Author: Sleep number bed presented by Select Comfort has horizontal chambers. But our adjustable air bed has multi directional design for highest air flow in all directions, this creates the appropriate spinal alignment essential for pain free sleep. Horizontal designs allow only horizontal air flow, which cause a cupping effect and leading to inadequate support. Read Sleep number bed reviews to learn more.


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