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Pulse Diagnosis
Pulse Diagnosis


Our licensed acupuncturists work by first assessing the general energy and blood flow balance of your body.  Then treatments are done by inserting whisker thin needles — much smaller than those used for blood tests or shots — into specific points close to the surface of the body along energy channels called meridians. When expertly inserted, they cause little or no pain or bleeding.  Western scientists are still studying precisely how acupuncture works, but it has been shown to relieve pain, nausea, high blood pressure, asthma, and many other conditions, with few side effects.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that there are dozens of conditions that can benefit from acupuncture  treatment, for example:

Whisker Thin Needles
Gentle Insertion
  • allergies * asthma * anxiety/depression * arthritis *
  • back pain * bowel and digestive disorders *
  • colds/flu/cough/bronchitis *
  • fatigue * fibromyalgia * headache * heart problems * high blood pressure *
  • infertility * insomnia * PMS * menopausal symptoms * migraines *
  • nausea, fatigue and other side effects of chemotherapy and radiation *
  • urinary and vaginal infections * stress.
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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage 

Therapeutic Massage can help us breath deeper. It can help us become aware of where we hold tension in our bodies and minds. It can helps us relax and slow down the hectic pace of our everyday lives. It satisfies our universal need for safe and nurturing touch.

Massage can also help relieve fatigue and tension, improve circulation, provide increased mobility, and act as a sedative to the nervous system.

The benefits of regular therapeutic massage treatments are many.



Lifestyle Therapy and Nutritional Counseling

If you want to:

Mature healthy women
What Heathy Can Look Like
  • Reduce your blood pressure
  • Learn to manage stress better
  • Lower your cholesterol
  • Detoxify and Cleanse your body
  • Sleep better
  • Be less anxious and more content
  • Generally live a healthier life

Then Lifestyle Therapy offers particularly beneficial solution.

FirstLine Therapy® is a Medically Supervised Therapeutic Lifestyle program offered at Whole Person Health.  It is an effective combination of:

  • Assessing your current health status and level of toxicity
  • Helping you develop your personal health goals
  • Tailoring a science based nutritional program for you
  • Counseling and Coaching
  • Using clinically proven medical foods and other quality supplements
  • Monitoring your progress


Breast Thermography Screening 

Whole Person Health offers Senior Discounts, Insurance discounts for Acupuncture, and Accepts Flexible spending plans.

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