Sleep – a sensational state of mind in darkness

‘Sleep’ is the essential part of any living beings on this earth.  Everything sleeps at a particular time and or period and is inbuilt in biological programs of body in congruent with organic form of life.  Plants, trees, insects, worms, animals and mankind all are having this quality rather habit of ‘sleep’ and consumes almost one quarter of their life in ‘sleeping’ status.  Ironically, mankind does not give enough attention and care to the status of ‘sleeping’ in other word the ‘unconscious nature or state’ of life.   Instead we give as much as importance to ‘awaken or conscious nature or state’ of life.  Since it is a natural occurrence and effected due to the tiredness of nerves and muscles, we human beings leave this entire stage to the natural process and mystery

Let’s Talk About Sleep – with Dr. James O’Brien M.D.

Title: Let’s Talk About Sleep – with Dr. James O’Brien M.D. Location: Whole Person Health – 294 Pleasant Street Suite 201 Stoughton Description: Dr. O’Brien is a medical physician who has been in private practice 27 years and first became involved in sleep medicine over 20 years ago when he began to notice that many … Read more